What is Turtle Nesting Season in St. Augustine?

Turtles making their way to the ocean
by Stephanie

Between the months of May and October, female turtles of the loggerhead, green, and leatherback species come to the sands of Florida to nest and lay their eggs! The 2-month incubation period is followed by the hatchlings emerging and making their way to the sands. These magnificent creatures are endangered and need the assistance of locals and visitors alike to ensure they can have a safe journey from their shells to the oceans!

Here is our guide to how to be helpful to the turtles during nesting season in St. Augustine! 

  • Be mindful of marked nests and give plenty of space when deciding on a spot for the beach day 
  • Remove all beach equipment before dark, as any beach gear can be an obstacle to small hatchlings making their way to the ocean 
  • Fill in holes and smooth out sandcastles. We understand that you may be proud of your beach creations, but these can be deadly obstacles for hatchlings making their way in the dark 
  • Turn off all artificial light sources. Hatchlings use the moon’s reflection on the water as a guiding light to the ocean. Any artificial light (exterior lights, lights inside a vacation condo, flashlights, etc.) can cause the hatchlings to become disoriented and make the fatal mistake of heading inland rather than toward the water.  

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